CIDOC documentation: E31 Document

The first tab Files shows an overview of used disk space and a List button to show all files.

On the index page already entered entities are listed in a Table.

  • Click on the + button to enter a new one.

  • Click on the name of an entry in the list to access the detail view.

  • To edit or delete an entry click on the Edit button in the detail view.

If entities are linked to displayable files the first one is shown in the info tab but can be changed to another one in the files tab of the entity.

Files can be uploaded by editors if they don’t exceed the upload size limit and have an allowed extension. Both criteria are displayed at the upload form. It is possible to upload multiple files in one go. They can either be selected in the file field or drag and dropped into the specified area.

Form fields

  • File - here you can chose a file from your computer

  • Name - if empty it will be prefilled after the file selection with the filename

  • License - which works like a Type, it is a good practice to define one

  • Description

Can be linked via tabs to


  • Maximum file size in MB - this limits also the total size of multiple file upload

  • Profile image width in pixel - related to the layout of info tabs

  • Allowed file extensions

Images that can be displayed in the browser are defined through their extensions and can be changed in the configuration file (e.g. instance/ default is:

DISPLAY_FILE_EXT = ['.bmp', '.gif', '.ico', '.jpeg', '.jpg', '.png', '.svg']

Image preview

If image processing is enabled (default=on, configurable by admins) and user have Show icons in tables in their Profile activated, small images of files are shown in tables.

Please be aware with many files and large tables this can impact performance.